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This book is written in english.

For too long, the environmental debate has been dominated by heavy-handed, top-down solutions. We often hear about the need to overthrow capitalism in order to curb global warming, or that Green New Deals are the only way to save the planet. These are expensive, ineffective, and wrong. Meanwhile, pro-market voices are rarely present in the environmental debate.

For the first-time ever, a book has brought together over 15 pro-market and environmental organisations from around the world, to put forward a holistic and international vision of market environmentalism. Published by the British Conservation Alliance and Austrian Economics Center, the result is a book entitled Green Market Revolution: How Market Environmentalism Can Protect Nature and Save the Planet.

Green Market Revolution puts forward an alternative vision, showing how a system based on free markets, innovation, property rights, and localised solutions is far more effective at tackling environmental problems than a top-down, one-size-fits-all regulatory approach.

1. Foreword    Daniel Hannan
2. Introduction: A Fresh Approach to the Debate   Kai Weiss
3. The Current Consensus   Nick Lindquist
4. Why Government Fails the Environment   Hannah Downey, Holly Fretwell
5. Market Environmentalism: The Best Way to Protect Our Planet   Matthew Lesh
6. Localism: Opportunities and Limits of Decentralised Environmental Policy   Ben Ramanauskas
7. Global Action: Opportunities and Limits of International Environmental Policy   Mattias Goldmann
8. Success Stories of Market Environmentalism Around the World   Kai Weiss
9. Localism in Action: Policies and Methods for Decentralised Environmentalism   Julian Morris
10. A Debate over Carbon Tax   Ben Ramanauskas, Martin Gundinger
11. Clean Tax Cuts & Clean Free Market Policy Innovation   Rod Richardson, Barney Trimble
12. United States: A Market Environmentalist Vision for America   Ganon Evans, Carter Harrison, Nick Lindquist
13. United Kingdom: A Market Environmentalist Vision for Britain   Eamonn Ives, Barney Trimble, Jon Entine, Connor Axiotes
14. European Union: A Market Environmentalist Vision for Europe   Pieter Cleppe, Kai Weiss
15. Austria: A Market Environmentalist Vision for Österreich   Kai Weiss
16. Why We Should Be Optimistic   Johan Norberg
17. Hope for a New Generation of Market Environmentalists   Maz Shakibaii
18. Conclusion: Towards a Greener and Freer Future   Christopher Barnard