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John W. Tkacik









This book is written in english.

This international BMVIT Conference brought together some of the leading scholars in the tradition of the Austrian School. Their papers reflect on the latest socio-economic research done in the field of privatization and public-private partnerships (PPPs), especially concerning investments in infrastructure. The options and compatibility of various systems of technology, transport and infrastructure within the EU – especially in Central Europe – were a primary topic, and duly noted by many of the leading foreign government officials attending the conference.

Furthermore, the discussion reflects how reforms in these areas would improve the competitiveness of (the Austrian) economy.


I. A Dilemma of Democracy (Anthony de Jasay)
II. Why does Privatization have such a bad press? (Karen Horn)
III. Making Tracks to the Future (Karl Ziebarth)
IV. Private Sector Participation in Surface Transportation in the United States (Ronald D. Utt)
V. Road Transportation Telematics: Matching Technology with Europe’s Needs (Andrew Pickford)
VI. Freight Transportation in Central Europe. General Circumstances, Chances & Risks for ÖBB Rail Cargo Austria (Ferdinand Schmidt)
VII. Advancing Privatization and Innovation in Austria and the European Union (Eduard Mainoni)
VIII. How Does Innovation Management Work (Hans Hintergruber)
IX. Intelligent Technologies – Solutions to Meet the Future Needs of Traffic and Transport (Gian Maria Gros-Pietro)
X. Reaping the Benefits of Modern Broadband Internet (Rudolf Fischer)