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Maja Drakic-Grgur, University of Donja Gorica – UDG
Milika Mirkovic, Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses
Barbara Kolm, Friedrich August v. Hayek Institut
Stefan Zapotocky, Austrian Economics Center









This book is written in english.

Montenegro and Beyond is a joint publication of the Austrian Economics Center, the Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses, the Hayek Institut, and the University of Donja Gorica. All four are dedicated to the Austrian School of Economics. This book is a tribute to Prof. Veselin Vukotic, who has been a key figure in the economic transformation Montenegro has had since the collapse of communism.

In late 80’s and early 90’s of the last century, a new Montenegrin economic thought emerged in Montenegro, whose theoretical foundation lies in the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. However, Montenegrin economic thought was also founded on the history of Montenegrin economic thought from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. With the emergence of socialist Yugoslavia, the economic thought in Montenegro was reduced to the socialist self-governing planning and the state economy! With the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), there was a change in the understanding of the economy in all former socialist countries, including Montenegro, where the economic thought began to develop and over time it become recognized as the Montenegrin School of Economics.

Wird kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt – über eine Spende würden wir uns jedoch freuen!

Foreword – Federico N. Fernández, Barbara Kolm

150 Years of the Austrian School of Economics

I. Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
An Austrian in the Balkans – Laudatory Speech – Prof. Hannes Gissurarson
Unstable times are times for changes – Acceptance Speech – Prof. Veselin Vukotic

Photos of the Awarding Ceremony

Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award 2021

II. Austrian School of Economics and Montenegrin Economic
Thought – Divorce or New Wedding? Montenegrin Economic Thought and the Austrian School of Economics – Prof. Dr. Veselin Vukotic
Transmission of the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics to UDG students – Prof. Jadranka Kaluðerovic
Principles of the Austrian School in the Context of the Pandemic – Prof. Milica Vukotiæ and Dr. Sandra Tinaj
Understanding of the New Technological Paradigm – Prof. Maja Drakic-Grgur and Prof. Zoran Ðikanovic
The Transition from Education to Employment – Prof. Igor Lukšic and Ivana Petrièevic
Economic Thought in Montenegro and the Austrian School of Economics – Dr. Vojin Golubovic
Spreading the Ideas of the Austrian School of Economics in Montenegro – Dr. Milika Mirkovic
The World at a Crossroads: the Free Market or State Interventionism – Ivan Piper MSc
Review of the Theory of the Good, Economy, and Economic Goods of the – Book “Principles of Economics” by Carl Menger – Melisa Muratović MSc
Liberalism as a Response to the Crisis of Liberalism – Rajko Vukčević

III. 10th International Conference
„Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century“
10th Austrian Economics Conference – Abstracts